Encounter and growth

When people truly connect and have conversation that matter, a space emerges to grow. This is the perfect breeding ground for new ideas to sprout and flourish.

The caravan provides a safe and inspiring environment to have conversations that matter.



Connection and challenge

“Koen, on Monday September 21st, I was able to settle into your ball pit. For a long time now, I had been struggling to reconnect to my inner playfulness. I felt supported by you and the setting of the ball pit. Your caravan is disarming, it gave me goosebumps and I felt a heartwarming connection with you.”
Franky De Cooman

Conversations that take you to the next step

The coaching caravan creates space for real connection, allows open conversation and supports you in taking the next step.

By having powerful conversations, you grow as a person, as a team and as an organization.

This inevitably leads to impactful and sustainable results.

Your organization
in the picture

We invite people to tell their story in our coaching caravan. Everyone who plays a part in your organization will be invited.

The stories we gather will be translated into an inspiring bigger picture, taking the shape of an image, a text or a play,…

By envisioning it this way, we stimulate the energy to build the organization of the future.

Humans in motion

Do you want to create a unique experience at your event?

Do you want to give people the opportunity to meet other people in a different way?

With the coaching-caravan, we design powerful and tailored interventions that stimulate connection, movement and energy.

A one of a kind experience.

Discover what the coaching-caravan can mean for you and your organization

I would be honored to set up camp with the caravan at your place to have those conversations that matter.

To give you an idea of what we could do:

We take the time to work on team dynamics with your team.
We have conversations with employees and clients to define the DNA of your organization.
We gather small diverse groups of employees and ask them how they are really doing.
Just asking and talking about this will enhance their wellbeing.

But honestly, the best way to figure out what the coaching-caravan could mean for you or your organization is to discover it!

Are you curious yet? Get in touch with me and together we will figure out the best way for you to hop in the caravan.
Coachingcaravan_KoenJoly_HS08_LR - uitgesneden hoofding


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Pictures by Hans Stockmans (www.stockmansvision.com)

Paintings caravan by Bisser (bisserbazar.bigcartel.com)